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Hi I'm Hawk welcome to my Channel Just life, stories of my life, adventures, things I like doing, my hobbies, no Judging all positivity, all sharing, Cheers thanks for stoppin by. subscribe for more fun videos, you will not be bored! bem vindo ao meu canal! Eu faço muitos videos sobre a vida. inscreva-se para mais vídeos divertidos, você não ficará entediado!
Welcome to Just Vibe. Here you can sit back relax, and enjoy both listening or watching some awesome music videos. Please Like and Subscribe for more vibes. NOTE/DISCLAIMER: On this channel all content both Music and Video alike are from creative commons sources, the content is free to use, and credit is given where due in the descriptions when and as requested by the original creators. Content is sourced from sound cloud (under sound for commercial use) further acknowledged by the authors in terms of use descriptions on their channels, links to channels with proper credits are in each video's description. Videos are sourced from Pexels a website for "free to use" pictures and videos (Terms of use can be viewed here https://www.pexels.com/license/). Certain companies may claim strikes but they in fact use the authors music (which is creative commons) as their own without consent, ignore these, you may contact me or the authors (emails in each video description)if in doubt to sort out any issues. Thank you. please support the work of authors of all content by checking out their pages and ENJOY!
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