Our Changing and Endangered Planet
Created by hypnoticmindscapes on December 2019 • 3.4K Views Total

Channel Description:

Earth: the only home we know now, or may ever know in future. More fragile than it seems at first glance, mankind is rapidly bringing it to the point where Life in general may be endangered, rather than just a few species.

This channel will present videos spotlighting both the plight of our home, and the Life living on it. Media will be drawn from Public Domain or acceptable use sources.

Before this channel can progress, I must provide information of interest to Hideout.tv's Content Team; which in its need to satisfy Intellectual Property Rights law, is already placing obstacles in the path of my publishing. I promise here that where permission is neccessary, it will be obtained prior to upload.

I warmly invite the Content Team to observe the information provided in my Links section which will be updated at need as the channel grows.

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