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HideoutTV - Elvis Next Door Neighbours Kitten Also Understrand What I Tell Him

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Subscribe and hit the bell to see my news videos every week : Elvis Next Door Neighbours Kitten Also Understrand What I Tell Him Elvis is a very smart cat he has lived with for two years is owners are my next door neighbours he is very jealous about all the cats even with Bubble that lives with him for a few years now, but is very funny and he can learn really fast. Hope you enjoy Elvis. In this video i am speaking with him in Portuguese first i did ask him to open the door but he only uses one of the paws so i ask him to use both and he does blees him. Tron Token Donations Are Welcome: TMGQG4jJk3s8y9Mxp2zJHdWStUafU8cGXZ Hideout TV: Facebook: YouTube:
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