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- Dessert Spring Rolls - 6 spring rolls This recipe is honestly so crazy simple to make, very filling and really healthy! If I have leftover fruit and I am not sure of what to use it for, I often make these rolls. The only trick is learning how to wrap the rice paper rolls because it can be a bit tricky. I always make a chocolate sauce with my rolls but you can make a berry coconut sauce by blending strawberries or blueberries with coconut cream for a fruit dip instead! These rolls would be so perfect to bring to any party, especially because they are free of all allergens (except maybe tropical fruit) so anyone can enjoy them! I used small rice paper sheets because I think they are easier to wrap and eat but feel free to try the larger sheets. Ingredients: - Spring Rolls - - 6 small sized rice paper spring roll sheets - 2 bananas - 3 kiwis - 1/2 cup blueberries - 1 mango - Chocolate Sauce – - 2 tbsps cocoa - 3 tbsps maple syrup - 1 tbsps blackstrap molasses - 2 tbsps water Steps: 1) Skin and chop the fruit. The mango will be a little tricky to cut up compared to the other fruit. You can first slice big slices around the large seed and then use a spoon to separate the meat from the skin. I would suggest watching various video tutorials for guidance. 2) Let each rice sheet sit fully immersed in water for 15-30 seconds. Use a large pan or bowl for this. 3) Then carefully remove each sheet from the water and lay on a wooden cutting board. I would suggest a wooden cutting board so they are less likely to slip around but you can test out different surfaces. Layer an equal amount of each fruit and roll up the wraps like mini burritos. You don’t want the wraps to be too wet when wrapping so make sure to let some of the excess water drip back into your bowl before using. 4) Whisk all of the chocolate sauce ingredients in a small bowl or jar. Enjoy the wraps and chocolate sauce! Please keep in mind if you store these for later use just be careful to not sit the wraps on paper, because they will stick to the paper. You can find the items needed to make this recipe at my Amazon store: The links to all my social media channels are here: Please contact me on Instagram for business inquires.
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