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toy trains 4u funlings
We make fun entertaining stop motion toy stories using popular toys and our own funny Funlings. Our stories encourage creative play and can be used as bedtime stories. To see our full range of videos visit our YouTube Channel using the link below. Thanks for watching.
Welcome to the Funlings channel! We create imaginative family friendly funny toy stories primarily focusing on Funlings, our own designed toys. Who are the Funlings? The Funlings are cute and funny aliens who arrived on Earth from the planet Fun. They go on plenty of adventures but beware of the Rascal Funlings who are very mischievous and cause trouble wherever they go. The Funlings world is ever increasing with the introduction of Super Funling, Wizard Funling, King Funling and many more. If anybody has any suggestions for new Funlings or fun story ideas we would love to hear from you! The Funlings are owned by Toy Trains 4u
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