tonka the malamute
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Hello my name is Monroe and Yes I am a Siberian Husky and No I am nota Samoyed even though I look like one :)! I am a Sweet girl who loves to mother everyone I love! I am a very well behaved Husky too and not too terribly destructive ;)!
tonka the malamute
Hello my name is Tonka. I am a 4 year old Giant Alaskan Malamute. I live in Florida with my family! I Love to make people laugh! Tonka LOVES water any and ALL water! Tonka's Story - I lost my Malamute Legend after 12 years! I couldn't imagine life without a Malamute so I started my search. I saw a puppy I wanted really bad but he had already been sold so long story short a month later I saw a 3 1/2 month old puppy on Craigslist who was in Florida during the summer on a chain in someone's yard and full of worms I could also tell that his tail had been broken at some point :(! I had already placed a deposit on another puppy but I could not leave Tonka in that situation so I brought Tonka home with me! The breeder was Awesome and refunded my money! When I brought Tonka home I did some investigating and it turned out that TONKA was the very 1st puppy I wanted! Only God could pull that off! God made Tonka for me! I was an empty nester now I have a toddler named Tonka! #TTAM
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