the adventure travelers
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the adventure travelers
Michael & Melissa (The Adventure Travelers) have been traveling the world and making videos (and taking pictures) along the way. After 10 years of saving, minimizing and selling off of their "stuff" they bought a sailboat and sailed off to Mexico, the South Pacific, Hawaii and much more. After their voyages on the high seas, they sold their boat and purchased an RV and traveled around the USA, Canada and Alaska. Join them on their journey on the ocean, in their RV and hiking some of the most amazing places on the planet. Subscribe now
We quit our corporate jobs, sold most everything we own, got out of debt, bought a sailboat and started to sail to the South Pacific. We sailed down the coast of Mexico in January 2016. As we made our way across to the Sea of Cortez, we decided to stay in La Paz and have our solar panel installed. We sailed to Puerto Vallarta and from there we left to cross the vast Pacific Ocean to French Polynesia.
This Hiking Channel is all about Hiking; how you get there, things to do while hiking, hiking hot spots, lesser known hiking areas and much more.
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