percy the labrador
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percy the labrador
GET TO KNOW PERCY THE LABRADOR More Than Just a Labrador Being a professional dog Kissing Monster/Superstar isn’t an easy one. It’s a full-time commitment requiring sacrifice and a dedication to preparation. Percy The Labrador began to form his incredible life ethic at a young age, spending time during the week and on the weekends practicing in pursuit of the ultimate goal: to be counted amongst the top dogs in the world.... but maybe we are just biased. Mum and Dad x
We are short film /advert filmmakers based in Andalucia, Spain. We are based on the beautiful coast of Playa la Barrosa. We specialise in filming for websites, social media and youtube channels to promote to selling and renting of: 1. Villas / Holiday Homes 2. Yachts & Boats 3. Bars, Clubs & Hotels 4. And other Business Venues. 5. Aviation - to include pilots' first solo flights. (Please Note: We do not film weddings or family gatherings) We have an in-house Music Artist to produce personalised soundtracks for each video. For more information and soundtrack production for advertising/ film contact
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