bob snerds
Joined on August 2020
bob snerds
All I want to say about myself is that I started out on the old Mixer platform that is now Facebook Gaming. After Mixer shutdown like most streamers on that platform I had to change where I wanted to/needed to stream. After Mixer I moved on to Twitch where I then met new people and was able to get an affiliate. When I tried to get an affiliate and when Twitch said something along the lines of "this card does not match the name given". When Twitch decided to give me a hard time to give me an affiliate I decided it was time to move platforms so I moved to YouTube. When I was streaming on YouTube I noticed that I needed a better platform to stream on and I was watching a Twitch streamer one day and he showed me THETA. When I joined THETA the entire community was very welcoming and nice. So as I was streaming on YouTube I was trying to get a stream key on THETA. And After I finally did I started streaming. And that is how I found THETA!!!
This YouTube Channel is Is Inspired By My Roblox Account That Got Hacked. I Made An Alt Account Called Cool_Guynoob. This Channel Will Probably Be Used For Uploading/Streaming My Roblox Game Play. ????
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