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I'm Dan Kleinow. I'm a lover of nature, adventure, and landscape photography. I first discovered my love for nature after I moved to the beautiful state of Colorado in the summer of 2018. I started exploring the backcountry of the great Colorado Rocky Mountains, mostly by myself. Bring my camera along for the journey.

I first picked up my camera in 2017 as a way to document my travels. Starting with a 5 week-long trip to the Netherlands, Czech Republic, and Hungry. Soon after I moved to Puerto Rico for 6 months. I've also traveled to the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Guatemala, and Mexico during 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021.

Although I love all types of travel. I realized that my true love lies in the adventure of exploring and experiencing nature. Along with sharing my photography and my adventures, I'd like to use Envision Adventure as a way to spread awareness of the importance of nature and its place in our lives.

Sharing a love for Nature, Adventure, and Photography.

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