Fixed issues with Facebook login

Deleted videos are now automatically removed from watch later lists

Fixed a bug that made login requires clicking the login button a second time in some instances

Stability and speed improvements

Previously you could register a username with a space but not login with it. That bug has now been fixed. Likewise, we fixed a similar bug affecting many of you that had accidental trailing or leading spaces in your usernames.

Error messages in many places have been updated to be more specific and helpful.

Adjusted how we show and calculate account balances that have redemptions which are still in a pending state. Hopefully that clarification helps clear up any confusion on the account history page.

Improved handling of advertisements.

Fixed the display of channel names on the sidebar.

Improvements to the rewards redemption UI.

Improved rewards account linking.

General stability improvements.

Did you know that Hideout receives on average 3-4 updates/day?
Here are just a few of our most recent updates:

Better handling of typo'd Gmail addresses during registration
Stability enhancements to loyalty rewards
Fixed a bug causing a small amount of users accounts to get incorrectly blocked
improved internal system for processing user tickets
Fixed a bug that caused a confusing login experience when on the email verification page
Sped up the loading of video thumbnails
Updated the hideout logo
Updated Help Center Articles
Fixed login issues for accounts with expired blocks
Fixed push notifications for some instances
Several improvements to account access stability
Added the ability to login from blocked IP addresses, some features will still be restricted though
Several improvements & clarifications to messaging in popups
Fixed a bug on the layout of the signup pages
General stability improvements to reduce 404 and 500 errors
Fixed some social page links
Improvements for GDPR

Fixed an issue when using smores

Stability updates
Improved & more consistent system for handling rewards eligibility

More promo codes are coming be sure to sign up for push notifications!

Can now support creators with longer content
Fixed an issue yesterday that briefly made the footer show in the header (oops)
Fixed some issues with ad errors that were causing problems

Fixed a bug that prevented a few of you from using promo codes after multiple typos

Fixed a bug with promo codes. If you tried a code today that should have worked but didn't no worries, you will see the credit in your account soon.

Fixed an incorrect "incorrect password" message that was plaguing some users and content creators when trying to update account information. We can also now handle international zip codes when updating your address.
Fixed an issue where for a brief moment channel links from the left-menu took you to the homepage.
An update.
Security update allows you to use an even more secure password.
Fixed an error affecting the uploading of profile pictures.
Fixed an error that occured when managing your "Watch Later" list.
Improved the user experience of rewards redemption as it relates to certain partners.

Rewards active on this account elsewhere.
This instance of HideoutTV still available for browsing.